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GoldenPi is an online marketplace to invest in Bonds & Debentures. Bonds provide fixed returns; hence they are reliable sources of income. Nevertheless, bonds have remained accessible only to HNIs and financial institutions. And individual investors have not leveraged it fully. GoldenPi is a fintech company that has a vision of making Bonds available to all retail investors on its online platform.

GoldenPi is India's largest online platform to buy and sell bonds and debentures. Over 4000 Crores worth of Bonds is listed with real-time prices daily on our platform for investments.


  • GoldenPi has the most extensive collection of bonds and debentures on its platform. So customers get access to most of the bonds available in the Bond market at any given time.
  • Most of the large Bond Institutions in India are enlisted on our site as our suppliers with us. This enables our system to zero in on the best price(lowest) for a Bond in the secondary market. Well, most of the time!
  • GoldenPi takes care of the entire bond investment process starting from KYC processing until bond units get transferred to the customer's Demat account.
  • We've partnered with India's largest bond houses and institutions, allowing us access to an extensive collection of bonds. At GoldenPi, we try to offer excellent quality bonds with High Credit Rating (AAA - A only) to ensure your investment has a high level of safety.
  • GoldenPi doesn't charge the customers for any transaction. Thus, making it very cost efficient and providing you maximum profits.

Invest in three easy steps with us:

  • COMPLETE KYC (upload your document online)
  • CHOOSE BONDS (select bonds that achieve your investment goals)
  • MAKE INVESTMENT (pay online and receive bonds unit in your demat account) is an online website of Mr. Pankaj Ladha. The said website intends to provide educative and informative details related to investments and also provide online transaction facility in Mutual Funds. We do not charge any fees for these calculators and information, because we earn our commissions from the Mutual Fund companies. The website does not guarantee any returns or financial goal success by any means.

Disclaimer: This is our personal view that mutual funds and equity investments are subject to market risk. Please read all offer documents before investing. Each and every information provided is only for education and information purpose only. Please consult your adviser before investing.