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Our Vision:

"Converting India from country of Savers to a country of Investors."

Our Mission :

  • To educate investors about the importance of financial planning.
  • To encourage investor to invest regularly.
  • To help investors to take informed investment decisions.

Advantages :-

  • 30 years’ experience in financial market
  • Association with 10,000+ client base across all category viz retail, HNI's and corporate.
  • Wide range of product and asset offering, associated with more than 30 mutual fund houses and top insurance companies
  • Need based/ Human life value(HLV) based insurance offering(only term plan)
  • Regular Investor awareness Programs and workshops. Successfully conducted 300+ financial literacy programs covering approx 15000 people.
  • Mobile application and web based facilities for Investments related all information.
  • Online back office for clients through our website and Access to all clients to view & track their portfolio.
  • Online Transaction Facility across various products

Technology Platform at www.pankajladha.com and mobile application.

We have technology platform for Investors. A web-based platform - It is a state of the art web based technology platform that helps to manage clients total portfolio.

Here client can centralize all family members data across product classes in an easy & convenient manner.

www.pankajladha.com is an online website of Mr. Pankaj Ladha. The said website intends to provide educative and informative details related to investments and also provide online transaction facility in Mutual Funds. We do not charge any fees for these calculators and information, because we earn our commissions from the Mutual Fund companies. The website does not guarantee any returns or financial goal success by any means.

Disclaimer: This is our personal view that mutual funds and equity investments are subject to market risk. Please read all offer documents before investing. Each and every information provided is only for education and information purpose only. Please consult your adviser before investing.