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My Journey of Life With BSE Sensex

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YEAR Most Historical Date about BSE Sensex Year End Index
1971 I was born just after a war when Bangladesh was formed.  
1979 Base Year for BSE Sensex-establishment of Sensex @ 100 118
1984 Indira Gandhi shot dead & Bhopal Gas tragedy 271
1989 Hung parliament with Congress outside support 778
1991 Rajiv Gandhi assassination. 1908
1992 Indian economy opening up. Dream budget by Dr. Manmohan Singh as Finance minister. Harshad Mehta Scam. 2615
1993 I got married. This year bomb Blast in Mumbai including BSE bldg. Index Value at My Married is 2219. 3346
1994 My First Children was born and also Dow-Jones hits record & The birth of Service Tax @ 5% Index value at My First Child was born 3,807 3926.9
1996 Indian stock market goes digital with NSE's new trading platform 3085.2
1999 My Second Children was born and also NDA coming to power with Atal Bihari Vajpayee as PM and India Pakistan Kargil war , Index Value at My Second Child Was born is 3649. 5005.82
2000 Technology boom. Infosys Price allmost 8500-9000 Aprox Ketan Parekh k-10 Stcok Scam, 3972.12
2001 Gujarat earthquake and Attack on Indian Parliament. 3262.33
2003 The Big bull run started in Dalal Street. 5838.96
2004 UPA coming to power with Left party support 6602.69
2005 IPO Scam - Yes Bank IPO Use of Many benaami DEMAT accounts for Allotment of Shares 9397.93
2006 Sensex conquering ten Thoushand mark and Mumbai serial train bomb blast. 13786.91
2007 Sensex conquering twenty Thoushand mark and also India Won 20-20 Cricket World Cup 20286.99
2008 Sensex falling after touching high of 21206. Crude oil rising upto $ 147 and also Reliance Power.Big IPO Issue Size: Rs. 11,563.20 Crore , Sensex hits the 11.53% or 2029.05 points.Terrorist Attacks Taj Hotel & Trident Hotal In Mumbai  9647.31
2009 Sub-prime crisis in USA bring financial instability worldwide.UPA Govt. Come back without left party support and Sensex grow up 10% Upper Circuit.SENSEX surged up 2,110.79 points its largest single day rally 17464.81
2010 Satyam scam, Common wealth scam, Telecom scam ,Market time changed to 9.00 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. 20509.09
2011 Serial Bomb Blasts in Mumbai  and same year India won Cricket World Cup. 15135.86
2013 Young Raghu Ram Rajan appointed RBI governor & Gold Price hits all Time High at 35000/- Per 10 Gm. 21170.68
2014 BJP alone conquering 283 seats in Loksabha and NDA coming to power with 330 seats.Full Majority Govt. After 30 Years Narendra Modi ka Jadu cha gaya. 27499.42
2015 Sensex touched 30,000 Mark. 26,117
2020 Due to corona sensex hit a low of 25,981 points, year endsensex touched 47,751. 47,751
2021 Sensex touched a milestone of 50,000 points. is an online website of Mr. Pankaj Ladha. The said website intends to provide educative and informative details related to investments and also provide online transaction facility in Mutual Funds. We do not charge any fees for these calculators and information, because we earn our commissions from the Mutual Fund companies. The website does not guarantee any returns or financial goal success by any means.

Disclaimer: This is our personal view that mutual funds and equity investments are subject to market risk. Please read all offer documents before investing. Each and every information provided is only for education and information purpose only. Please consult your adviser before investing.