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Take your first step towards investing in mutual funds


Generally, a beginner investor finds the mutual fund investing process a little complicated. We try to make things simple for all aspiring investors, through our hassle-free Onboarding process.

Please understand few key documents which are required to get On Boarded for opening a Mutual Fund trading account:

  • You need to complete a KYC process, if not done yet. Please check here, if your KYC OK or not.

    • you can complete your KYC Online from our Mobile app- "PankajLadha". Simply install the app and enter our ARN Number 266556 to proceed with
    • you will be required to upload the picture of your PAN Card, Address proof and a signature on plain paper to complete our Video KYC verified with Adhaar based OTP (Please check this Demo Video )

  • If your already have a KYC or have complete your Video KYC , then you can create the transaction account from our Mobile app or Website in 3 simple steps (Please check this Demo Video )

Investing in a Mutual fund is very easy and quick :

  • Login through our website or mobile app
  • You can Start with any amount (as low as 500)
  • You can select out of many options – Low Risk to Very High Risk products, like- Liquid Funds, Debt Funds, Sector Funds etc.
  • You can invest in Lumpsum or Start monthly investments (SIP) through Auto Debit Creation.
  • Just create an Online Transaction account on our integrated platform of India’s recognized exchange. You can start investing. No requirement of D-Mat.

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